Environmental Regulations and Wood Stoves

The EPA, air regulations and home heating stoves. MOTHER looks at the state of affairs in 1995.

| October/November 1995

An environmentalist is faced with two primary objectives.  

1. To husband the Earth, offering leadership, know-how, and wisdom (when you find it) in stewardship of the land and waters—including strong support for the laws and government agencies created to correct the environmental mistakes that mankind has made in a mere thousand years or two.

2. To encourage self-reliance and sturdy independence on the land—in pursuit of a life of natural virtue, using little and wasting nothing that can't be replaced. "Walk Softly on the Earth, Leaving Only Footprints."

These pursuits are normally perfectly compatible. But when they do come into conflict—say, if a homesteader's privy leaches into a mountain stream—MOTHER has invariably held that Earth comes first and individual interests come second (especially if other readers live downstream).

She'd demand that the privy be moved and its drainage field ditched deep and diverted to a drywell—and quick. Time was, she'd go along with a government agency or a private lawsuit demanding a clean-up as well—even if the reader's independence was threatened. We celebrated when DDT was banned and the Great Lakes cleanup started. And we cheered even louder when the peregrine falcon (its reproductive ability once severely threatened by DDT) came off the Endangered Species list and the banks of Cleveland's Cuyahoga River (that once caught fire from accumulated pollution) became a bathing beach once again.

But, as early as the late '80s, it was becoming increasingly apparent that some government environmental agencies were overstepping legitimate authority, and some of the Green non-profits and "public interest" groups were less interested in benefiting the environment than forcing an obsolete socialistic political agenda.

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