Wood Pellet Boilers for Energy-Efficient Living

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Photo courtesy Maine Energy Systems
Pellet boilers rely on wood pellets rather than fossil fuels to efficiently emit heat and electricity.

Many folks use fossil-fuel burning boilers as their home’s central heating system. Now, Maine Energy Systems and its Austrian partner ÖkoFEN are bringing efficient, clean, and renewable wood pellet boiler options to interested residential customers.

The fully automated boilers currently offered by Maine Energy Systems rely on wood pellets for fuel rather than oil or gas, and they produce enough residential heat and electricity for even those living off the grid. All a user has to do is get the unit set up, and then an automatic feed continually sends pellets from a storage tank to a burner. The heat exchanger tubes inside the unit are automatically cleaned daily (with manual cleaning only needed once per year), and users only need to empty ash from the small storage unit a few times annually. Other pellet boilers on the market require shutdown for burner cleaning at regular intervals, so these units require little interaction and maintenance from users in comparison.

The newest models available from ÖkoFEN also incorporate a new Microgen Stirling engine for the production of electricity. After rigorous prototype testing over the course of five years, this latest technology is now on the market in Austria and is expected to be available across Europe and in North America soon.

Pellet-fed boiler home-heating systems don’t rely on fossil fuels and are already common in most European countries because of their cleanliness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.