A Windplant Power System That Sells to the Electric Company

A homesteader creates a windplant power system using Gemini synchronous inverters, eventually selling energy to the local electric company.

| January/February 1978

This windplant power system runs entirely on wind with a battery backup, producing plenty of electricity for these homesteaders.

Not all electric companies nave to be cajoled into letting their customers install windplants and Gemini synchronous inverters to create their own windplant power system . . . as the following report proves.

Three years ago, when Rowland Morgan installed a windplant (complete with Gemini Synchronous Inverter) at his Little Compton, Rhode Island home, he told officials of the Narragansett Electric Company that — because of the Gemini inverter — his wind system would actually run his electric meter backwards. The company's engineers refused to believe Rowland's claim . . . and visited the Morgan home for proof. When they left, they were convinced that the wind-generator/GSI combination would — indeed — do what its owner said it would do.

Did the power company threaten to turn off Morgan's lights? Did they ask him to disconnect the Gemini inverters? Fortunately, no (although many other electric utilities around the country have been known to do such things).

In fact, not only did the Narragansett Electric Company not ask Mr. Morgan to disconnect the Gemini inverter . . . they footed the bill for connecting the equipment to the utility grid (and for installing equipment to measure and record how much electricity Rowland's windplant is putting back Into the company's lines). And Narragansett Is reportedly thinking about paying the Morgan family for their surplus electricity! ("They've been very decent about the whole thing," Rowland admits. "We had to press them a bit at first . . . but they came around.")

How the Morgan Windplant System Works

Rowland Morgan (who is retired) and his family installed their wind power system as a family project three years ago, immediately after moving to their present home. The system itself is extremely straightforward . . . it consists of three main components: [1] the windplant, [2] the battery storage area, and [3] the Gemini Synchronous Inverter.

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