What Do You Think About the Cape Wind Project?

| 5/11/2010 12:17:41 PM

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offshore windThough it still has a long way to go, the Cape Wind project has gained a lot of momentum in the past couple weeks, getting approval from the Obama administration and picking up a willing utility provider.

In a recent poll on our website, 72 percent of voters said they supported the construction of Cape Wind, but debate remains — even amongst environmentalists — about whether the offshore wind turbine project is a good idea. Some opponents argue that the wind farm would intrude on marine life and destroy Cape Cod’s natural beauty. Supporters say these sacrifices are worth the large amount of clean energy the project would create.

What do you think? Does a clean energy future take priority over wilderness conservation? Are there other options that could please both sides? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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6/6/2010 5:34:49 PM

This wind farm will produce .6 horsepower of enery per acre. Hardly what you call efficient. Each turbine requires 700 lbs of rare earth minerals which are mined in China. This seems not so efficient either. A 100 years ago there were windmills on Cape Cod. They were decidedly inefficient. This project is also heavily mired in politics. It doesn't get more inefficient that that. This is not a viable project. We need to focus on conservation for now and get the brainy people together for a "Manhattan Project" on energy.

6/5/2010 8:16:34 PM

I think its a great idea and I also agree that it's most likely not going to be a primary power source.I completely support the Cape Wind project being from there myself,but I also have to say again that no one seems to give geothermal power a thought and always seem to run to nuclear power.One of largest power plants in the world is not coal,oil or nuclear friends,it is geothermal and is located in California and has been powering pretty much all of the Northwest for about 47 years now.There are no troubles with nuclear waste,no pollutants choking the atmosphere,all it does is pump water down a very deep hole and up comes high pressure steam.Pretty simple.No mining involved,just drilling an oil rig sized hole.Still dont know why it is not done more often.

6/3/2010 9:13:17 AM

All of you that love the wind turbines need to put one in your yard. After a year or two listening to the noise from these things you may change your mind. It is a low but continuous noise. But, I would like to see a law requiring any state importing electrical power have to match that import with internally generated wind or solar power. I would like to see wind turbines attached to the building in NYC and maybe even installed in Central Park. As our president likes to say it is time to, "spread the wealth."

5/31/2010 12:14:52 PM

As a former cape codder now living in the land of oil (texas) I am all about wind energy - we have wind farms out in far west Texas - our electric company gives us the option to purchase "windtricity" (which I purchase 100%)instead of the energy generated by coal (which is another story...) We need more wind generators, less oil drilling, less mining...the wind is FREE folks!! :)

5/25/2010 4:04:26 PM

I think a wind farm, whether it be on shore or off shore is an excellent idea. Would you rather we have more disasters like the on recently in the Gulf of Mexico? Oil spills and disasters are becoming too frequent. I read recently that there is also a broken pipeline in Brazil that is polluting one of their rivers. This needs to stop. Obama should be spending all the $$ on alternatives to oil and not bailing out banks.

5/25/2010 3:55:48 PM

Any wind farm, whether it be on shore or off shore is a better idea than the drilling for oil disaster that has recently came to pass. Drilling for oil 5000 feet below the surface is just insanity. I don't understand how anyone is opposed to wind farms. It is a step in the right direction!

5/19/2010 3:51:31 AM

As it is, it will cost far more than they say it will, it will do far more damage than they say it will, and we the people will pay for it as we always do! The focuses should be on pulling every home off the grid, instead of keeping them forever dependent on the large government backed corporations that we will never stop paying. This would create far more jobs then the few hundred jobs the Cape will make, and we may even become the free and independent people we claim to be.

stephan pawloski
5/18/2010 12:39:13 PM

I agree, there are merits to those concerned about the conservation of the Cape. However, we should continue to view energy projects in terms of sustainable balance, and in this instance, clean wind generation with a minimal ecological footprint is a good idea.

ray faber_2
5/17/2010 8:44:15 PM

About time why has taken this long ? The new underwater structures will create new fish habitat. It may also add to present fishing or change it to a new type of fishing industry. Many times change is for the better, you won't find out till we and it changes so we can see and touch it.

5/17/2010 8:47:21 AM

I love the wind turbines. I think they are attractive. There are many ways we can reduce our dependence on oil and we need to aggressively go after all of these. People need to get off of the 'not in my back yard' mantra and 'what can I do to help the environment and stop our dependence on oil. Along the way we can save money. We have a solar hot water tank and pool heater. We will add more in the future.

5/16/2010 9:38:18 AM

Makes NO difference...oil or wind IF all we are going to do is cancel out those energy savings by allowing illegal immigrants to come into the country and USE the power that we would have otherwise truly saved. So I cut back on my usage so the government can just pack more and more people in here on taxpayer dollars that use the energy we all saved?? Its ridiculous! They cancel out any NET GAIN!

joseph thomas_3
5/15/2010 6:59:43 AM

Fantastic. The more wind generated power the better. Wind turbines are not near as ugly as billboards and a whole lot better for the country. I am looking into adding wind generated power at my house.

john leaver_3
5/14/2010 11:46:39 PM

Long overdue!!!!!!! They should be placed off shore on BOTH coasts!!!!!! As it reaches critical mass....the "Payout" will come!

james comkowycz
5/14/2010 9:44:04 PM

It is about time. We should do everything we can to break our addiction to oil. "The wind turbines are offensive." I tell you what I find ofensive is the remains of our Troops as they come back from war, whether dead or alive. Anything we can do to take power from our enimies that is below the threshold of death and disablities should be a US sstrtegy. The other thing I find offensive is the oil that is attacking our shores in the Gluf of Mexico as I write. It is about time we got started on those wind turbines.

5/14/2010 9:29:13 PM

I think it's great and I also think it's WAY overdue. They tried to get this going a few years ago and people like Ted Kennedy and other monied folks killed it.

5/14/2010 8:42:05 PM

I defy anyone to build and install those wind farms without heavy reliance on fossil fuels. The concrete foundations alone require substantial fossil energy that no wind or solar farm can possibly duplicate. Take away taxpayer subsidies and see how many people want to invest in alternative energy -- zero. Electricity from solar and wind sources extremely expensive and it's unreliable -- producing rated power only when the sun and wind are available in levels well above average for most locations. I have seen many existing wind farms in the US and Europe where nearly half the turbines are idle. It is not cost-effective to maintain them to keep them running without ever more subsidies! All the developers simply abandon them. In the early days of his presidency, Obama inaugurated a $100 million solar farm near Las Vegas that saves $1 million in electrical costs per year. Do the math on the payback. These technologies are not viable in a free market -- only government force can make them work financially. That force involves taking money from hard-pressed taxpayers to fund these projects. Government force is also applied to impede traditional technologies that are viable and that have been updated to be environmentally clean: oil, coal, and gas. I am appalled that TMEN readers and staff favor such government force in any aspect of their lives. I find that virtually all self-proclaimed environmentalists have little understanding of science and economics and refuse to do the math.

lee johnson_3
5/14/2010 7:26:12 PM

I take a wind turbine over an oil rig anytime. I would rather have a wind turbine than oil in the ocean. I would rather have nice clean cheap energy instead of a billion dollar clean up and I fear I am being conservative. I think the fish will survive a lot better than the fish in the gulf unless the gulf oil get all the way up there. Do I need to say any more or do you still think it is a stupid idea

5/14/2010 3:09:57 PM

More power to them! Maine and Mass. are leading the way to a greener future with no more oil disasters. Why would the gov't allow drilling in Alaska when there's so much wind to be had? Granted, not all people can be 100% self suficient with their own solar or wind but there's no reason each state can't take steps in those directions. If every state had at least one wind farm and at least one field of solar panels we'd be on the right track. I can't for the life of me figure out why so many people fight these things! They're NOT and eyesore (the oil in the gulf is), they're NOT dangerous (again, look at the oil in the gulf) and they DO create good paying jobs...what is there to fight about?!?!

5/14/2010 12:18:26 PM

I think the world, especially the U.S., needs to take a stance against the oil/coal consumption and pollution and make some radical moves to much more solar/wind/geothermal resources. That, along w/less oil/coal subsidies will force the American people to also cut back on their usage as the price increases to closer to the real cost. We are supposed to be a leading nation; let's really lead!

jeanette redmond_1
5/14/2010 11:49:54 AM

Wind power works, and gets us off polluting oil. The towers are beautiful. As you cross the bridge between Denmark and Sweden they adorn the water with their long graceful spinning arms. They are no more dangerous to marine wildlife than any other obstacle such as a sunken ship, large rock etc.. Obstacles encourage growth of coral reefs for instance. There is an area in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas that is covered with floating plastic trash; THAT is a danger to wildlife! Plastic trash comes from people and oil! The oil spewing out in the gulf is a danger to wildlife, nature, and people. Coal mining is disastrous to animals, people and nature. Compared to that , the fact that some birds have to learn to fly around instead of into the windmills is nothing. Birds are good learners. Yes, putting them on the Cape is a great idea.

5/14/2010 11:25:34 AM

Wind farms are helpful, but if each person took responsibility for their own usage, and made solar or wind power in their own right we'd be much better off.

5/14/2010 10:48:56 AM

The use of wind power is a good idea as a supplimential energy source but it is not an answer to provide a consistant energy for power needs in the US. My offices are located in an area where I can observe 6 wind generators and for the most part the efficiency of the operation is not very good. On any given day and very seldom do you see all 6 units operating; either not enough wind or the wind velocity is too great or the units are down for maintenance. Wind power at this stage of development I believe have potential for individual home owners with power from an outside source, ie., a power plant. If you want a consistant source of electricity wind power is not the source. Here is another fact to consider; the construction a 500 M-watt power plant requires 40 acres to construct and provide ancillary support area and to provide the same power output from wind generation requires 40 square miles and this does not include access roads and other related support systems. Regardless of where you put the wind generators, on the plains of the mid-west or off of Cape Cod or here in Pennsylvania; it is currently not the answer to the power needs of the US and supplimental at best. Only about 3% of the power is provided by wind and even if this capacity can be doubled as suggested by the current adminstration that is only 6% of our total requirement. Where do we get the remaining 94% of our power needs.

jacqueline jakle
5/14/2010 10:24:26 AM

Some people find the windmills unsightly, and some people find the windmills beautiful in their own special way. If it can be proven sea life will not be harmed, and we already know windmills are a cleaner energy alternative to coal and oil, my other concern/question is what is the amount of danger from EMF's by having the windmills in place? Additionally, we know earthquakes and volcanoes happen deep in the ocean...what precautions are put in place to stabilize the windmills in the event of such a natural occurrence?

5/14/2010 10:12:18 AM

Windmills are just another large art sculpture to look at. Keep in mind they take a lot of maintenance so boats and/or helicopters will be servicing them. The humming won't bother people out in the water but maybe the fish will be annoyed by the noise.

5/14/2010 9:42:55 AM

My feeling is that all the rich folks on the cape just don't want to look at the windmills. Too bad! They have to have electrons to heat their 10,000 square foot homes and it better getting them from fossil alternatives, like wind turbines than from coal that's wrecking my mountains. I think the best solution for the northeast is nuclear. The population density and massive energy requirements demand higher output than alternatives can supply them at this time. Of course, they wouldn't want a nuclear plant in their back yard either. Too bad! Your cake and eat it too?

5/14/2010 9:30:57 AM

I lived in Hyannis, a half of a block from Nantucket Sound. The Kennedy Compound was just across the bay from my home. Daily dusting the furniture, I would collect a black dust off the furniture coming from the coal plants supplying the Cape's energy needs. The incidence of cancer is elevated on Cape Cod and I can only presume this comes from the dirty air. I know that many oppose Cape Wind for esthetic purposes, but I must say, it is a far better idea than continually allowing the spewing of that coal dust over beautiful Cape Cod. I am highly in favor of Cape Wind and hope that it becomes a reality

nancy colburn
5/14/2010 9:07:26 AM

Great idea. They should do it off the shore of NYC also along with perhaps some desalinization plants there. I think the look of the wind turbines are sleek and rather artistic. Perhaps there can still at some point be some kind of fishing in the area once everything has been investigated. Can't see how it can intrude on marine life. We drop all sorts of things to the sea bed as makeshift coral reefs and sea life seems to adapt to it positively.

5/14/2010 8:41:57 AM

I am ALL for it! It is a fantastic alternative to oil! Don't take my opion as gosple, just ask the fishermen in Florida, Alabama, and the rest of the folks that live on the gulf coast what they think about BP, Shell, Exxion, ect...

tom marsh
5/14/2010 8:38:39 AM


5/13/2010 7:38:58 AM

In light of the recent oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, this idea is looking better all the time. I guess in large part it's a matter of personal preference. To me,the site of wind turbines on the horizon is a thing of beauty. To others it's destroys the natural beauty of the skyline. Considering the presidents' recent decision to allow offshore drilling on the east coast, the Cape Wind project is a much better alternative. I live in Maryland and I am all for offshore wind turbines for power generation. I'm not sure what king of base the towers will have, but like most underwater structures, they will probably attract fish and provide sport fishing appourtinties in addition to the power generation.

5/12/2010 1:38:53 PM

I think the Cape Wind project is a fantastic idea. We are trying to do a similiar project here in Cleveland in Lake Erie. Cape Wind is paving the way for making that project happen. I am an environmentalist and I have spent a lot of time on Cape Cod. My personal feeling is that the wind farm can't cause any additional damage than that already done by the bottom dragging fishing methods already employed in that area. The shoals were the farm is to be built are not used by whales or other sensitive marine mammals. We need to move this forward.

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