What Do You Think About the Cape Wind Project?

| 5/11/2010 12:17:41 PM

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offshore windThough it still has a long way to go, the Cape Wind project has gained a lot of momentum in the past couple weeks, getting approval from the Obama administration and picking up a willing utility provider.

In a recent poll on our website, 72 percent of voters said they supported the construction of Cape Wind, but debate remains — even amongst environmentalists — about whether the offshore wind turbine project is a good idea. Some opponents argue that the wind farm would intrude on marine life and destroy Cape Cod’s natural beauty. Supporters say these sacrifices are worth the large amount of clean energy the project would create.

What do you think? Does a clean energy future take priority over wilderness conservation? Are there other options that could please both sides? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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6/6/2010 5:34:49 PM

This wind farm will produce .6 horsepower of enery per acre. Hardly what you call efficient. Each turbine requires 700 lbs of rare earth minerals which are mined in China. This seems not so efficient either. A 100 years ago there were windmills on Cape Cod. They were decidedly inefficient. This project is also heavily mired in politics. It doesn't get more inefficient that that. This is not a viable project. We need to focus on conservation for now and get the brainy people together for a "Manhattan Project" on energy.

6/5/2010 8:16:34 PM

I think its a great idea and I also agree that it's most likely not going to be a primary power source.I completely support the Cape Wind project being from there myself,but I also have to say again that no one seems to give geothermal power a thought and always seem to run to nuclear power.One of largest power plants in the world is not coal,oil or nuclear friends,it is geothermal and is located in California and has been powering pretty much all of the Northwest for about 47 years now.There are no troubles with nuclear waste,no pollutants choking the atmosphere,all it does is pump water down a very deep hole and up comes high pressure steam.Pretty simple.No mining involved,just drilling an oil rig sized hole.Still dont know why it is not done more often.

6/3/2010 9:13:17 AM

All of you that love the wind turbines need to put one in your yard. After a year or two listening to the noise from these things you may change your mind. It is a low but continuous noise. But, I would like to see a law requiring any state importing electrical power have to match that import with internally generated wind or solar power. I would like to see wind turbines attached to the building in NYC and maybe even installed in Central Park. As our president likes to say it is time to, "spread the wealth."

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