21 Ways to Save Energy

Applying these ways to save energy will ultimately save you money.

| April/May 1994

You've probably noticed that your bills keep going up but your income doesn't. For financial security and peace of mind, wouldn't you like to bring the first more in line with the second? Well, it all starts at home. One of the easiest things you can do is reduce your energy footprint; use less energy and you'll save more money. We recommend the following ways to save energy.

Taming the Fridge

1. You may be spending more than you need to by running your refrigerator at a cooler setting than is required. Put an ordinary household thermometer in the refrigerator for a half hour or so. If it registers colder than 40°F, change to a warmer setting and check it again.

2 While you're at it, check the door gaskets all the way around by closing the door on a dollar bill. If the bill slips out easily at any place, you're wasting money. You may be able to correct the problem by putting paper strips or thin cardboard behind the offending gasket, or by adjusting the latch. If those don't do the trick, a new gasket is a good investment and not difficult to install.

3 That frost-free feature sure is a convenience, but a standard refrigerator defrosted by hand a few times a year will use less electricity.

4 When the kids grow up and have nests of their own, that big refrigerator you once needed may become a liability. A refrigerator operates most efficiently when it's full, and chances are you don't use its capacity. Consider giving one of the kids the big box and buying a smaller model.

Summer's Almost Here...

5 During the dog days, turn off lights no one is using. A typical incandescent bulb generates 95% of its energy as heat, not light.

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