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| 1/24/2012 11:15:59 AM

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Have you ever noticed that there is a fine line between terror and elation? There must be or else there wouldn’t be a constant stream of horror movies in theaters. Or theme parks. Those crazy roller coaster/death defying rides keep people coming back. There’s got to be something to it. I don’t like crowds, which is why I don’t go to theme parks. That and the fact that I get that feeling of terror/elation for free a number of times during the year thanks to Mother Nature.

On January 17th we had a weather front move through here and it was pretty awesome. It was scary, but great none-the-less. We went from fairly warm rainy weather to -10°C in less than 2 hours. And as the front moved through the wind picked up… horrifically… “Auntie Em, Auntie Em, it’s a twister!” kind of wind gusts. They were calling for wind gusts of 100 km/hour in Kingston, which is an hour south of here. I don’t think our gusts were quite that bad, but they were pretty brutal.

The terror that I experience during gusty wind comes from the fact that I put up my own wind turbine.

I did everything right, but still - I put it up myself. We filmed it and produced a DVD on how to do it, and Mike Bergey, who engineered the turbine and tower likes the DVD (even though I can’t get him to mention it on his website), so I guess I did it correctly.

But there’s just something about a tilt-up tubular steel tower. My tower is held up with 5 sets of guy wires, spaced at 20 ft intervals on my 100-foot tower. They have some slack in them so if you are standing at an anchor and you look up the guy wire, you will notice that the wire bows down. You need some play in a tower like this. If the wires were as tight as guitar strings they would have a tendency to break, like a guitar string for example, during a concert at a crucial part in the song in front of a huge audience… i.e. just when you don’t want it to.

2/4/2012 6:53:33 PM

Wow! We haven't got the space available for a wind tower once you count the wire footprint (I don't think sticking it on the roof would go over too well with the code inspectors or the neighbors!) but all the stories of successful solar panels are really making me wonder if we could get gain out of it ourselves!

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