The Misanthrope Gets a Visitor ... or Twenty!

| 3/11/2011 7:36:51 AM

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My picture is in the dictionary! It’s on page 1,018 under the listing for the word “misanthrope - one who dislikes, distrusts, or has contempt for the human species.” My picture is there and everything! OK, so maybe that’s a bit extreme, and I would probably be better described as “curmudgeonly” rather than misanthropic, but let’s face it - I live 4 miles from the nearest human being for a reason. It was no accident that I ended up “far from the maddening crowd.” The crowd maddens me, so it’s best to stay away.


On the rare occasions when we head down to the city, despite my best intentions I will quickly begin to get cranky and Michelle will say, “OK, you’re shopped out. Time to go home.” It’s more like I’m “City’d out”. I don’t even like to watch New Years Eve celebrations with all those crowds - I start to hyperventilate even in the comfort of my own home!

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the local economic development office asking if they could bring some high school students up for a short visit to learn about Aztext Press. They were going to be touring a number of rural businesses. In a momentary lapse of sanity, I agreed to the visit. Ever say yes to something and within seconds regret it? But by then it’s too late and the wheels are in motion and there’s nothing you can do to stop the momentum.


Originally there were supposed to be two busloads of students, arriving in shifts, but on the actual day of the trip the students were able to fit into one bus. After providing a quick introduction in the kitchen (otherwise known as the head office of “Aztext Press”) I invited them in to the living room. I hooked my laptop up to the TV and gave them an overview of the software that we use to produce the books and videos, and our websites and what we do to generate revenue. I think it was a bit difficult for them to grasp that this little off-grid homestead is home to a company that publishes the best selling book on renewable energy in North America. I showed them the 3 editions that “The Renewable Energy Handbook” has gone through since we first published it in 2003 and how we market it on-line.

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