Register for a Chance to Win a Solar Hot Water System

| 8/5/2011 9:23:13 AM

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solar hot water shedWouldn’t it be nice to heat your water with solar energy?

Solar water heating systems are simple and low-maintenance, and with just a couple of solar water heating panels, you can produce the majority of your home’s hot water.

But, even better news, we’re about to give one away!

Here are the details of our Solar Giveaway. Register before September 10, 2011 for a chance to win a Sunward Solar Hot Water System valued at more than $10,000.

And to learn more about the technology, check out one of our recent articles on solar hot water

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9/5/2011 8:00:00 AM

I;ve learned a lot on this site greattttttttttt.

9/4/2011 10:18:17 AM

I love this book

sid ouattara
9/3/2011 11:31:22 PM

A new dawn.

9/2/2011 9:07:58 PM

To many people just don't get it.

9/2/2011 6:12:06 PM

have solar air heaters on my house for 30 years

patricia boyle
9/2/2011 4:10:03 PM

A solar-powered hot water system would certainly reduce our electricity bill.

dan reis
9/2/2011 4:05:23 PM

Thanks Mother Earth on keeping us up to date on energy saving Ideal.

david pabon
9/2/2011 3:20:00 PM

My brother Bob,who died a year ago, introduced me to Mother E back in the early 70's. After about 3 or 4 years of receiving a nice thick mag every month, full of great stuff, I let the subscription expire,too busy raising 3 kids,now almost 40 years later,retired,lots of time,with a dk top,am so glad I found Mother again!!!!!!

katherine happle
9/1/2011 7:47:20 PM

Would love to win the solar water heater! Would truly be a blessing....Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to enter.

tara carpenter
9/1/2011 1:02:45 PM

Thee best mag for so many yrs.

patricia dake
9/1/2011 8:31:16 AM

We have had a progressive goal to live a more healthy lifestlyle and threw Mother Earth News, many oppurtunities and challenges have inspired us and move us to acheiving our goals especiall now as Senior citizens-and each idem we aquire is not only good for us but good for Everyone

8/31/2011 6:46:08 PM

Question why cant Florida folks regester to win the solor hot water system..we use hot water too

8/31/2011 4:23:53 PM

great site and cool people

amy cooper
8/31/2011 11:27:16 AM

what a great giveaway!

8/31/2011 10:10:26 AM

This is our first year on our homestead and we are on a very limited income and this would be great! It is on our wish list!

dolly garrison
8/31/2011 10:09:19 AM

Please enter me in the drawing for the solar hot water heater. Enjoy your magazine.

vicki mathis
8/31/2011 10:02:30 AM

Best Mag ever.

kristi canchola
8/31/2011 8:25:16 AM

Working on building the homestead with my mother and my three daughters. We would LOVE to enter to win the solar hot water heater. :) SIGN US UP!

pat stark
8/24/2011 4:48:27 PM

Love your Mother!

pat stark
8/24/2011 4:46:38 PM

Love your Mother!

8/24/2011 1:16:01 PM

heck yes!

robert orphan
8/23/2011 8:58:53 PM

I wanted to enter the solar giveaway.

natalie mehrer
8/21/2011 12:32:04 AM

Bran new to your magazine and LOVE it! Thank you Mother Earth News!!!!!!

kathy trammell
8/20/2011 10:29:49 PM

Living in the mountains,mother earth has really been helpful.Thanks a bundle!

kelly crocker
8/20/2011 4:30:46 PM


vicki wilson
8/20/2011 7:27:42 AM

I have enjoyed you for a very very long time. Keep up the good work!

mike sherby
8/19/2011 5:00:04 PM

We are retired and dont like it. we were forst out of our home moved to Texas rent a house and Know the people who owen it is going to help us buy and start over are we Bless or what . i am going to school to learn solor and wind power. thanks for what you all do, Mike and terry

julie wesson
8/19/2011 12:50:32 PM

We're building a log home from local materials, the Amish saw mill nextdoor has made the logs. Our organic gardens flourish, yet we are still prisoners of the grid. Help us complete the dream!

julie wesson
8/19/2011 12:49:57 PM

We're building a log home from local materials, the Amish saw mill nextdoor has made the logs. Our organic gardens flourish, yet we are still prisoners of the grid. Help us complete the dream!

ken harvey
8/19/2011 9:26:48 AM

i would love to win a free solar hot water system,im off the grid and this would most dearly come in handy,ken

sharon townsend
8/19/2011 8:54:41 AM

This is an awesome way to heat your house. The site has awesome advise.

karolyn keefler
8/19/2011 8:34:55 AM

Great Job

gabriel chebii
8/19/2011 7:03:26 AM

Mother earth is quite educative.Are readers outside US eligible for the solar giveaway

alan oliveira
8/18/2011 11:24:45 PM

love you

sue macdonald
8/17/2011 12:02:19 PM

Lots of good stuff

laura cassetti
8/15/2011 12:07:27 PM

Thank you for all that you do !!!

glenna beaucage
8/13/2011 7:32:35 AM

I wanted to enter the solar giveaway. Although it lists *country and province, canada is not listed in the *country. Is this only open to the USA?

mary hubbard
8/11/2011 7:05:48 AM

wonderful and informative magazine. Love it.

8/10/2011 6:23:09 PM

why isn't new york allowed to play?

george coker
8/10/2011 5:44:37 PM


ann willgoose
8/10/2011 1:56:09 PM

Love this magazine!

8/10/2011 12:23:39 PM

Sigh - yet another awesome giveaway that excludes Alaska :(

john maloy
8/10/2011 12:02:10 PM

Keep bringing the great articles and nice job on the website

brian collins
8/10/2011 10:35:24 AM

You just have to love your Mother!!! Thanks for a great magazine for all these years !

kathy embry
8/8/2011 4:16:07 PM


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