Nokero’s Revolutionary Solar Light Bulb Designs

For light in their homes, many people around the world must spend about 30 percent of their daily income on kerosene-based fuels to burn in makeshift lamps, emitting toxic fumes. Solar light bulbs by Nokero offer a promising solution.

| April/May 2014

Students With Solar Lights

Students in Kenya use Nokero solar lights to illuminate their homework.

Photo courtesy Nokero

Globally, 1.3 billion people live without electricity. At night, they have to burn costly, dangerous, dirty fuels just to generate light. Enter Nokero. Its name a portmanteau word of “no kerosene,” Nokero manufactures solar products at prices that make them accessible to impoverished communities, and it works with nonprofits around the world to solve energy poverty.

Its N180 Start is a simple light bulb with a built-in solar charger, and, at $6, the Start quickly pays for itself. The N222 Huron solar light bulb offers up to 15 hours of light on one charge and has outlets to charge devices. Nokero also makes affordable solar-panel chargers and high-output bulbs designed with both recreation and emergency preparedness in mind. To learn more visit Nokero.

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3/26/2014 5:01:03 PM

Hello everybody, The N180 Start is currently sold out! I know, bummer. But Nokero will soon be manufacturing another batch, slightly improved, and they said the price will remain about $6. Sorry for the inconvenience, good things come... tc

3/16/2014 3:37:06 PM

What a great way to use technology to change the world! But I looked at their website and they do not show that product. The lowest priced solar bulb they have is $15. How can I buy the $6 one?

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