Solar-Powered LED Emergency Lights Shine On

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Photo by Fotolia/Syda Productions
Outdoor, solar-charged string lights can be brought inside during power outages.

Not only are they eco-friendly, but the solar LED lights that hang from my porch rail are also helpful during emergencies. Plus, they’re really cute and look like small canning jars with handles. The advantage of these lights compared with kerosene lamps is that they pose no fire hazard, and the house doesn’t smell like gas or get unattractive soot stains.

When the power was out for two days, I brought these solar-charged lights inside at night. I installed small hooks in various rooms to hang them wherever needed, and now I keep one permanently in my kitchen window to use as a night light. I also have a 16-foot rope of 50 sun-powered LED lights, and I placed it on my kitchen counter during the last power outage. I recently bought a string of hummingbird-shaped lights for the gazebo, and brought it in during power outages, too. These LED emergency lights look charming on the shower rod and they illuminate the bathroom until the electricity comes back on.

Debbie Curtis
Ithaca, New York

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