Declaration of Solar Energy Dependence

The Declaration of Solar Energy Dependence states that solar energy is something all people should have access to.

| May/June 1978

The idea of solar energy dependence means we deserve the right to freely use renewable energy sources.

The Declaration of Solar Energy Dependence

When in the Course Of Energy Development, it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the technological and political bonds which have connected them to dwindling sources of dangerous, polluting energy controlled by a few corporations and to embrace a decentralized plentiful clean, and renewable energy source more compatible with the Laws of Nature and out Democracy, a decent respect to the opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the transition.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

That solar energy — including sunlight, wind, biological matter, and falling water — is a natural, renewable, and relatively non-polluting resource;

That solar technologies, which function best on a small, decentralized scale must not be monopolized or economically controlled by any group;

That, in addition to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, all people are entitled to a place in the sun, and that reasonable solar access may not be denied without due process of Law or just compensation;

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