New Breakthrough Could Double Electricity from Solar Cells

| 7/11/2008 5:08:19 PM

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Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they may have discovered a cheaper and more efficient way to produce electricity from solar cells. Researchers have developed solar concentrators that use dyed glass. They work in three steps:

  1. Pushes captured light to the edges of the glass.
  2. Concentrates the light.
  3. Squeezes out more than double the electricity as typical solar cell output.

This new technology is expected to be available within three years.

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Matt Foster
7/14/2008 2:57:12 PM

This is really quite brilliant. The MIT article said this could increase solar produced electricity out-put 40 fold. My only concern about this is the inevitable heat build up at the edges of the windows. Not only could this be a potential burn hazard for people, but I also wonder how the seals that keep windows energy efficient would hold up under such heat. But I'm sure those folks at MIT can figure that out. Has anybody ever seen that movie "Real Genius" with Val Kilmer?

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