Obama Urges House to Pass Climate Energy Bill

| 6/24/2009 9:53:02 AM

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During President Barack Obama’s White House Press conference yesterday the focus was mostly on Iran and health care reform, but he also commented on the House climate energy bill.

The bill written by Democratic Representatives Henry Waxman of California and Edward Markey of Massachusetts is scheduled for a House floor debate and vote on Friday.

President Obama fully endorsed the bill called it “extraordinarily important.” He urged members of the House to pass the bill and said it would make the U.S. a global leader in clean energy technology.

The bill includes a cap-and-trade system for green house gas pollutants and funds new clean energy projects such as geothermal, solar and wind.

It is unclear if the vote is likely to pass since there is nearly no Republican support and some wavering from moderate Democrats from farm states.

For more a simple break down of what’s in the bill go to Grist and for the latest information about what is happening on Capitol Hill check out Politico.

9/25/2009 6:57:33 AM

I have to admit, I'm surprised by some of the comments that I see on Mother. I really thought that I would find many that agree with this administration on everything they do. I agree with what you said Ron. This is a bad deal for everyone. But then, most of what I've seen coming out of the White house is a bad deal for Americans.

6/25/2009 11:12:31 PM

This bill is a disgrace. It won't do what it's designed to do. It will send millions of jobs overseas along with the co2 that is supposed to be so evil. They have lied prodigiously about the cost, using only the first year cost of the bill. The long term cost for families will be thousands of dollars a year. It is nothing but a massive energy tax designed to suck as much revenue as possible from the consumer. Every spike in energy costs has resulted in a recession. This will give us a permanent recession that will never go away. Manufacturing will leave the country altogether and that will be a disaster for working people. Meaningful energy policy will not depend on massive tax increases. It will work on incentives,not penalties.

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