I Do NOT Represent the Wind Industry

| 4/4/2012 9:28:18 AM

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A couple of Sundays ago I spoke to the “Transition Cornwall” group. There was a good turn out and it’s a great group with lots of great activities. They are very much committed to increasing resilience in their community. Resilience to peak oil, climate change and economic collapse. Oh sure, it’s a fun group!

Actually they were really a fun group with lots of good things happening. I tried to shift the theme of my talk a bit since my “Thriving During Challenging Times” presentation is more focused on personal resilience. Instead I took the approach that they have this incredible group of individuals trying to draw attention to these potential challenges and prepare the community for their impacts. The reality though, is that if the members of the group aren’t personally prepared they won’t be of much use to everyone else when they’re really needed. And I do sincerely believe this.

There were some great questions and comments afterwards.

One person suggested that I was basically discussing the concept of “The Titanic,” a movie that I finally recently watched thanks to my daughter Katie. If the heat wave in March taught us anything, it’s that one of the potential shocks to the system, climate change, is happening in a big way and it’s going to make food production more problematic. Throw in the high price of gas during a period of questionable economic health indicating that we’ve hit “peak oil,” and you’ve got a bit of a mess. So as this person pointed out after hearing my talk, we’ve probably hit an iceberg and his question was, “Which class of passenger are you?”

I am certainly not a first class passenger. Financially I am in the ‘steerage’ class. But from a preparation standpoint, as I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, not only did I bring my own life jacket with me, I brought my own lifeboat and I was kind of already in it when we hit the “iceberg.” And I’m pretty comfortable if others on the ship are surprised by the impact or the impact on them. The writing is on the wall. You can read it and respond to it, or you can hope you won’t have to deal with it. The problem with reality is that it has a way of affecting you regardless of whether you pay attention to it or not.

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