Home Wind Energy: A One Year Update on Henry Clews' Homestead

In 1972, Henry Clew started using home wind energy to run his 50 acre Maine homestead and became the U.S. agent for the Australian company that made his 2000w generator. A year later he was the agent for two other wind power companies and had upgraded to a 6,000w generator.

| November/December 1973

Just a year ago in MOTHER EARTH NEWS we ran a one-page report on Henry Clews and his 50-acre farmstead way up in the state of Maine. Nothing really unusual about that . . . except for the fact that Hank was supplying all his family's electrical needs with the "juice" produced by a 2,000-watt, 120-volt Quirk's windplant imported from Australia. The little article also mentioned that Clews was the newly appointed Quirk's agent for all of the state of New York and advised everyone interested in buying a wind-driven generator to contact Henry. We even stated that, if we all sent Hank a buck, we'd soon force him to print up a little booklet on the subject.

Well, that one small mention—it seems—put Henry Clews in business. He did write the booklet and has since become an authorized agent for at least one domestic manufacturer of windplants (DYNA Technology, Inc. of Sioux City, Iowa) and another foreign producer of such equipment (ELEKTRO G.M.b.H. of Winterthur, Switzerland).

Clews has become so associated with wind power in the Pine Tree State, in fact, that his "company" car now sports the special license plate "WIND." And, by the way, he now uses a brand-new 6,000-watt ELEKTRO unit to generate home wind energy.

Hank will be giving you a more complete report on his success in a future issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS. He'll also include a brief rundown of wind generators currently in production throughout the world (don't get too excited . . . the list is a short one).

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