The Gift of Solar Energy

| 12/17/2013 9:28:00 AM

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The holidays are a time of light and abundant energy - why not give a gift that matches? We can all use the holiday season to participate in the solar revolution by sending gifts that help spread solar energy. Here are my suggestions for solar giving, but if you know of other solar gift options, please share at the comments section below.

The Joy of Light

d.light s2If you're looking for an alternative Christmas present this year, one that is eco-friendly, supports a good cause, and offers hours of fun, look no further than gifting a high quality solar light. SolarAid, a UK-based charity that's doing amazing work delivering solar energy to rural and off-grid communities in Africa, is selling the same life-changing solar products that they sell in Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania to the masses through their online eco-shop. 

These lights are perfect for camping trips and festivals, and are just as cozy on your bedside table. Each light bought will also get two more lights in to rural Africa, help two families lift themselves out of poverty, and eradicate three kerosene lamps. Is there anything that this solar gift can not do? 

Visit their eco-shop by clicking here

End Energy Poverty with Solar 

You could also give the gift of making impact through solar. SunFunder, where I work at, is a lending platform connecting investors with high impact solar projects in off-grid communities around the world. Our goal is to channel $1 billion of investments to off-grid solar projects by 2020 and contribute to the UN initiative Sustainable Energy for All by 2030. In fact, the SunFunder community has crowdfunded projects by SolarAid to spread solar energy in Zambia and Tanzania.SunFunderGifts

We just released a new Gifts feature on our crowdfunding platform that lets anyone invest in off-grid solar projects as a gift to a friend, family, or co-worker. They will then be able to monitor the impact that the solar project has made and manage their repaid funds over time. Yes you read that correctly - investments on SunFunder are loans that get paid back over time, so in this sense your gift will be one that keeps on growing. 

12/24/2014 10:26:14 AM

Let's see....MOST African nations are considered 3rd world countries, do ALL their cooking and heating etc. with wood raped from the forests with no concern for "good forestry management", clear burn woodlands for growing food, and the 4th of July BBQ's have a larger carbon footprint? Get real.

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