Lejay Wind Power: How to Generate Electricity

This Lejay wind power information and plan guides you on how to construct a wind plant to generate electricity.

| November/December 1970

As you'll remember, we put out an appeal for a Lejay manual in MOTHER EARTH NEWS Issue 5. Well, no sooner had that number gone to press than we received the No. 5 issue of Countryside. And what to our wondering eyes should appear but the very address of the Lejay Mfg. Co. So we rushed off an order for a couple copies of their manual and hoped against hope that the current printing would be as good as the old 1930-something edition dad used to have.

And it darn near is (only the cover is changed, the contents seem the same) . . . perhaps because the "current" edition bears a 1945 copyright! When you've got a good thing . . .

Now please realize that many of the plans and illustrations here go back to the 20's or beyond. Some of the ideas are outdated, the prices quoted are from 1945 and Lejay no longer handles the parts and kits anyway. On the other hand, this manual is stuffed brimful of the straight skinny on generating electricity at home . . . direct from the days when hundreds of thousands of rugged individualists did just that.

Wanna know how to build a 110 volt A.C. light plant from a Ford Model T generator or rewind a Dodge G or GA generator for home use or make an arc welder or an electric outboard motor or build your own drill press or construct an electric scooter or bicycle or set up an electric fence to keep the rabbits out of the garden? All this and more is in the Lejay manual for only $1.50. If you're heading off into the bush somewhere, have a grudge against the electric company or just want to know how to set up a home generating plant, this is a darn good practical handbook of basic information. I know: I was raised with wind generators and welders right out of the pages of Lejay.

And once you've got that basic information combined with today's technology (such as automobile alternators which are much better suited to home light plants than the old car generators ever were) . . . who knows just what you might come up with. As a matter of fact, we hope to have some interesting experiments of our own to report on one of these days. For now, though, the Lejay handbook is a good place to start.

Wind Plant Information

Wind power can be harnessed to generate electricity for lights, radio and power.

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