Small Steps Toward Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Save your spare pocket change for energy efficiency upgrades, and intimidating up-front costs will quickly become affordable.

| October/November 2014

If you live on a tight budget, making changes for increased energy efficiency at home can be a challenge. I decided to upgrade to LED light bulbs, but then I saw they cost about $10 each. Because I needed 47 bulbs, I didn’t see the change happening any time soon. But one day, I was rolling coins from our pocket-change jar and wondering what I could do with the money. Sometimes I have $30 to $70 in spare change. Then it hit me: I could use this change to buy LED light bulbs! I bought three bulbs at Lowe’s for $36 and I love them. Then I decided, why stop there? After the bulbs, I can invest in insulated cellular shades, bathroom fans or ceiling fans. This change jar is now my energy-efficiency money. It’s an investment in my home and the environment that will have long-term returns. That’s what I call pocket “change”!

Jamie Thorp
Dawson Springs, Kentucky

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