DIY Solar-Powered Home Office: The Freedom to Work from Home

| 7/27/2017 10:45:00 AM

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Are you ready to ditch your commute and kiss a portion of your power bill goodbye?

Would you like to work from home, but not in your home where distractions are many and free space is limited?

Then this solar home office is the perfect summer project for you. Reduce your impact on the environment and on traffic too.


Like many folks living rural, I have a home based business. I run a small publishing company. With the power of the internet it’s never been easier to work remotely.

A Better Way to Work

Today’s modern office environment is terrible for human health and happiness. Poor air quality and poor lighting. Not to mention the cost. A small office can run between $350-$500 a month. Over time that adds up! My office has saved me $9600 in rent in the last 2 years alone and that isn’t even including the power bill or gas to commute. 

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