Compressed Air Solution May Help Store Green Energy Better

| 8/6/2015 4:57:00 PM

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Every year more of us try to incorporate green energy into our daily lives. Whether it’s buying a hybrid or electric car, installing a solar panel on your property, or even making your house energy neutral, going green has never been so popular.

Now our challenge is to use renewable energy on a larger scale, particularly with our power grids. Thus far the two biggest obstacles have been fluctuation in consumer demand and an inability to store sources of green energy such as wind.

Two companies, the Canadian-based NRSTOR and American company General Compression, recently proposed a solution to this challenge, based on a study they financed together. The solution is Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), which essentially means storing excess energy in salt caverns. If it succeeds, this new technology will change the way we use green energy. It will also impact the planet in a very positive way by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by traditional energy sources. Read on to learn more about CAES and its potential for changing the way we live.

What Exactly Is Compressed Air Energy Storage?

CAES is a new technology. Companies like NRSTOR are still developing it in a race to win business from utility companies. The premise of CAES is to store the surplus energy renewable sources sometimes generate so it can be put back in the grid at times of peak consumer demand or when green energy sources such as windmills underperform.

8/15/2015 7:28:03 AM

CAES has low storage efficiency, so storing ust generates electricity and regenerate is later makes it more expensive. Just keep some fossil power plants and give power from renewable sources preference on the grid. Then fossil power plants have to follow demand,as they do since the are in operation, but now for less demand. The do not have to burn fuel for the kWh generated from renewable sources. So they save fossil fuel, which is the storage. This storage in saved fossil fuel is much cheaper and simple than CAES. Its not freee storage, because control of fossil power plants needs to run them also at lower power output, which is not as efficient as full power. But this is only a competition problem in a free market for fossil power plants. Create that free market for power plants, where they compete for the remaining power needed, when there is not enough wind or solar

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