B&R Automation partners with AR Technology

| 3/24/2011 4:24:37 PM

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B&R Automation announces partnership to serve renewable energy industry in US and Canada

Detroit Lakes, MN —B&R Automation, a leading provider of electronic controls for clean, renewable heating solutions, has announced signing a contract with AR Technology, allowing them to better serve the United States and Canadian markets, according to Stephen Larson, President, AR Technology.

Founded in 1979 in Eggelsburg, Austria – B&R Automation manufactures the next generation of “Perfection in Automation” for
renewable fuel biomass based central heating appliances. B&R currently employs 2,250 employees in 62 countries, and
manufactures the MONDIAL line of electronic automation systems for equipment in the renewable energy industry. The system
operates similarly to the computer in your car regulating an efficient, lower energy consumption and higher energy output without
increasing carbon emissions.

Woodmaster’s “Flex Fuel” Biomass Furnace currently offers this technology to the American consumer while other industry
leaders are negotiating their own customer offerings.

According to Larson, “B&R develops products not to meet the level of current technology, but to redefine the level of technology.”

About AR Technology

AR Technology is a consulting firm based in Detroit Lakes, MN started in 2008 by Stephen Larson that brings foreign Technology to the American market predominantly in the renewable fuel market place. 

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