Find the Best Value Buying Large Solar Panels

Learn about these solar manufacturers and how you can find the best value buying large solar panels while saving money.

| December 2000/January 2001

When it comes to value the bigger panel is the better buy. Find the best value buying large solar panels from this list of manufacturers. 

Utility-intertie systems are a snap with Evergreen Solar's EverSun AC Module package, which can be plugged directly into your home power supply and produces between 90 and 200 watts (depending upon model choice). EverSun systems retail for between $1,000 and $2,200 and like the other manufacturers listed provide best value buying large solar panels.

The Siemens SR-100 module kicks out 100 watts peak power at 17-volts and retails for just over $600. A high-output bargain.

Unisolar's SHR-17 PV Shingle can turn a normal, run of the mill roof into a home power station. Each 86 inch by 12 inch shingle produces 17 watts at 8.6 volts and retails for $139.

Astropower's AP-120, at 120 watts peak output at 16.9 volts, is one of the most powerful residential modules available. It retails for about $700.

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