Alcohol Fuel Returns to Oshkosh

Our traveling crew continues to spread the word about homemade alcohol fuel.

| November/December 1980

066 alcohol fuel oshkosh - six inch column still demo

An interested crowd presses in for a closer look at MOTHER EARTH NEWS' six-inch column still and an alcohol fuel demonstration.


Most folks' thoughts are turning to visions of winter woolens and turkey fixings at this time of year, but here in Hendersonville, North Carolina we're still humming with news about the touring summer seminars!

Last spring, all MOTHER EARTH NEWS staffers were so pleased with the success of the first two trips of the traveling alcohol fuel seminars that they began enthusiastically mapping out a third series of road shows. Throughout the hot summer months, the alcohol crew was presented away-from-home demonstrations. The first, in June, was on a southern circuit (covering North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi). The second, during July, went northward into Maryland and Pennsylvania.

But the seminar team didn't slow down even after that two-month tour. Nor did its members confine themselves to converting only "earthbound" vehicles to run on ethanol. Instead, the crew kept right on trekking north to take a look at the world's largest aviation event: the Experimental Aircraft Association's annual Fly-In, held at Wittman Field in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS' staffers had attended the Fly-In last year and had further stretched their wings at the "Oshkosh of the East" held in the small Tennessee city of Tullahoma. So, with the experience of two aviation events behind them, the crew immediately accepted the EAA's invitation to attend this year's August 2 - 9 gathering ... which drew nearly half a million experimental aircraft enthusiasts as well as more than 10,000 airplanes.

Soon after arriving on the scene, MOTHER EARTH NEWS' alcohol experts had an ethanol-powered ultralight aircraft flying with the best of the sport planes ... while our other two alcohol-powered transporters — a new dual-fueled (ethanol or gasoline) Chevy van and our "old reliable" Ford pickup — offered onlookers a chance for some close-up inspection.

But MOTHER' EARTH NEWS' researchers weren't the only ones at the 1980 Fly-In who were piloting vehicles powered by renewable fuel. Paul Poberezny (the EAA's "chief") was there to greet us with his "Pober Pixie" airplane, which had been converted to ethanol the previous summer.

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