5 Ways to Save Fuel with Your Heavy Equipment

| 7/20/2015 9:37:00 AM

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Farms and construction sites can be expensive endeavours, even with a well-thought out budget in place. Between materials, parts, equipment and labor, things start to add up. But there’s one item that is not always correctly accounted for - the cost of fuel.

Why is it then, that a controllable substance like fuel is not often scrutinized when it comes to saving, especially when heavy equipment remains idle 40 percent of the time on average?

Perhaps it’s that regulations vary from state to state and by degrees and this undermines the importance of saving fuel. Regardless, high fuel consumption is a symptom of a much more insidious problem within the construction and agriculture industry and it affects more than just the bottom line.


A Case Study in Savings Over Time

According to findings from an investigation into clean construction from the EPA to the Associated General Contractors of America, equipment idling for 10 minutes per day wastes 24.6 gallons of fuel per year, per unit.

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