Real Food

Learn how to find fresh, seasonal and sustainable foods. Plus, healthy real food recipes.

Sweet Corn Off the Cob: Candied Corn Recipe

Try these sweet and savory ideas for enjoying your abundance of corn this season. Candied corn is perfect for a snack and or on top of a salad. This candied corn is fairly simple to make and it lasts up to month in the freezer! The hardest part is deciding whether to use maple syrup or brown sugar.

Parmesan Cauliflower “Rice” Recipe

Use cauliflower to make a healthy and delicious imitation rice dressed with butter and Parmesan cheese.

Pickled Cattail Shoots Recipe

Making your own pickled cattail shoots at home lets you experiment with your favorite spices to find your personal perfect flavor.

Basic Wild Cheese Recipe

Learn how add your favorite ingredients from the wild into your homemade cottage cheese to give it an unforgettable and natural flavor.


Duck Prosciutto with Wild Sages Recipe

Try something new and make this duck prosciutto for dinner; the recipe is easy to follow, and it will give you a dish packed with a kaleidoscopic of flavors.

Candied Tree Leaves Recipe

Try something a little different in the kitchen and make these crunchy candied tree leaves.

Jelly From A 'Peel'

By Susan Tipton-Fox

How to use peels from fruit to make an infusion and then make jelly from that!

How To Make Bread in a Can

By Tess Pennington

This tradition of coffee-can bread making was revitalized during the Great Depression when everything was used – and that included coffee cans. This baking strategy was a way to make multiple loaves of bread when one was short on space.