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Learn how to find fresh, seasonal and sustainable foods. Plus, healthy real food recipes.

Kiva U.S. loans now up to $25,000

By Jonny Price

Based on the success of the Kiva U.S. program over the last few years, Kiva is now offering 0% interest loans up to $25,000 for farmers and food producers throughout America.

Making Chestnut Flour from Foraged Chestnuts

By Susan Tipton-Fox, The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms/Micro Dairy

Here is a how-to for using your foraged chestnuts into a gluten-free flour. We will also provide a very simple chestnut cake recipe.

How to Start a Home Based Food Product Business: Interview with Michele of Michele's Granola

By Kurt Jacobson

Learn from a successful entrepreneur how to take your homemade food product to the market. We interview Michele's Granola owner and founder Michele Tsucalas in her Timonium Maryland facility.

Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe from Vintage Mother Earth News Almanac

By Carole Coates

Cheesy Potato Soup is the perfect winter supper after a hard day of outdoor work. The author found the original recipe in an old copy of the Mother Earth News Almanac.


Spiced Cranberry Orange Pecan Bundt Cake

By Sue Van Slooten

Spiced Cranberry Orange Pecan Bundt Cake has all the flavors of Thanksgiving or Christmas: cinnamon, tart cranberries, nuts, citrus, topped off with the wonderful texture that only sour cream can impart. The sweetness in the cake is played off of the tart cranberries. It’s almost, but not quite, like a pound cake.

Making the Most of Older Animals

In this episode we discuss how to properly process and prepare meat from older animal to create an enjoyable dining experience and a well rounded market.

Make Traditional Italian and American Biscotti

By Wendy Akin

Making perfect biscotti is easy if you know the water tricks. I set a day to make several kinds to stock up. Biscotti keep for months, so bake some up now for lovely Christmas and hostess gifts. I stash them in the freezer so when I give them, they taste fresh from the oven.

Foodie Foraging In Heritage Neighborhoods

By Christopher James Marshall

Urban foraging is fun and can offset food expenses for the community.