Real Food

Learn how to find fresh, seasonal and sustainable foods. Plus, healthy real food recipes.

The Great Fruitcake Debate

By Sue Van Slooten

Some love it, some hate it, you decide!

How to Make and Preserve Choke Cherry Jelly

By Kerry W. Mann, Jr., HomesteadHow

Our family favorite homestead-made food is chokecherry jelly. Here is how we prepare and preserve it.

Burrata: A Homemade Cheese Appetizer from Trixie’s for Any Holiday

By Lisa Kivirist, Inn Serendpity

Savor this recipe for burrata, an appetizer made with fresh mozzarella and cream, from Trixie’s in Ephriam, Wisconsin. In Italian, burrata translates to “buttery,” so you know this dish is indulgent. For those who already make their own cheese, this recipe is perfect for the Christmas holidays, New Year celebrations or if you want to take your Super Bowl party up a major notch.

We Go the Beet Cocktail

By Beth Ritter Nydick and Tara Roscioli

This is the drink of rock stars! Beets are high in iron, which combats anemia and boosts your energy so you can “go-go.”


Caprese Cocktail

By Beth Ritter Nydick and Tara Roscioli

This cocktail is so savory, it will leave you craving some crusty bread and packing your bags for Italia. Arrivederci!

Just Say No Mocktail

By Beth Ritter Nydick and Tara Roscioli

If you’ve have had too many late nights out, you may have to “just say no.” Offer up this minty elixir to guests who just say no, and they won’t feel bad about abstaining.

5 Steps for Hosting a Christmas Holiday Cookie Swap

By Lisa Kivirist, Inn Serendipity

A cookie swap brings out the best of the holiday season: Gather with kindred baking spirits and trade goods so everyone goes home with a deliciously diverse assortment of cookies that would take forever to bake all on your own. Here are five steps and tips for hosting your own.

Spring Awakenings Cocktail

Beth Ritter Nydick & Tara Roscioli

Basil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and it contains a unique mix of flavonoids that are amazing for your skin. This cocktail tastes like the first day of spring in all its glory.