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My Award-Winning Cornbread Recipe

By Carole Coates

There's cornbread and then there's my award-winning cornbread. If you want to try a blue-ribbon recipe next time you have a hankering for cornbread, look no further.

Testing the Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit

By Kyra Haas

Making homemade cheese with an Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit is “whey” easy — even for beginners.

Non-GMO Replacement for High-Fructose Corn Syrup

By Wendy Akin

We all try to cut GMOs out of our diets and eat as organically as possible. Still, there remains that hated bottle of corn syrup that prevents crystallization in candies and makes other confections smoother. The wonderful Patricia Wells offers a recipe for Invert Sugar Syrup. I tried it, tweaked it just a little and yes, it works!

Food Travel to Door County, Wisconsin: Fresh from the Farm or Orchard, Part 2

By Lisa Kivirist

The culinary list of amazing flavors and foodie finds continues to grow in Door County, Wisconsin, a food travel destination that’s not on the way to anywhere. Buy local and eat or drink local comes easy, here. Plan to stock your pantry.


Cooking with Bone Broth

By Celeste Longacre

Want to get your family loving bone broth? Read on for a fabulous recipe that they will adore.

Spiced Apple Marmalade with Rum

By Wendy Akin

Like a pirate’s treasure, apple slices are suspended in rum and precious sweet spices. The combination of fruit, spice and dark rum is delicious and the inspiration for one of my favorite jams. Serve it with snacks or desserts. The jam is a wonderful addition to a cheese tray, added to a simple cheese dessert such as fresh mozzarella, any cheddar, even a wedge of brie or camembert.

Garlic Bread Recipe

You only need three ingredients to make a batch of fresh, flavorful garlic bread.

Bread Soup Recipe

This delicious country soup is perfect for cold winter nights.