Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Add Variety and Fun from Garden to Table with 'Yard-Long' Beans

By Carrie Williams Howe

Each year we choose a vegetable for our garden that we have never grown before and will offer fun and variety. This year, we chose the yard-long bean based on its name alone. After a little bit of experimenting in the kitchen, we learned to love its unusual texture and flavor.

Oatmeal-Raisin-Nut Cookies

By Sue Van Slooten

Try your hand at baking this delicious, slightly chewy, slightly sweet, but oooh-sooo-yummy oatmeal cookie! The world needs this cookie recipe.

Growing Fresh Food From Supermarket Scraps

By Anna Twitto

It is possible to turn supermarket leftovers into fresh, healthy food.

Samphire: A Superfood from Wild Shores

By Hannah Wernet

Samphire is the accepted name for the plant Crithmum Mairitinum, although along the banks of the River Dee where my grandmothers and great-grandmothers foraged for it, it was always known as sampkin. It is also sometimes known as glasswort, as it used to be used in the glassmaking industry. It is known in France as salicorn, or “horn of salt”. It is also, confusingly, sometimes called Sea Asparagus.


‘Tomato Stuff’: Tapenade-Style Tomato Spread for Sauces, Dressings, and More

By Wendy Akin

With a bonanza supply of dehydrated tomatoes put by, I made this delicious spread that we’ve always called just “tomato stuff.” It’s like a tapenade, although without anchovies. I use it by itself to spread on thin slices of baguette or water crackers for an elegant appetizer and also use it by the big spoonful for enrich a pasta sauce instead of tomato paste, make a quick pizza, add body to a vegetable soup, add big flavor to a vinaigrette dressing, dress a plain dish of spaghetti, and put a bit of zing into a bland stew.

Healthy Food Begins with Community

By Cooperative Development Institute

Four refugees in Maine have started a cooperative farm producing fresh, chemical-free produce and prove that community is an important ingredient in healthy food.

Foraging ‘Salt Spray Rose’ Hips to Use in Tomato Recipes

By Marion Gabriela Wick

Learn how to prepare tomato-style products from the hips of the ‘Salt Spray’ Rose.

Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware: The Best and Worst Oils to Use

By Destiny Hagest,

Enameled cookware may look appealing, but there's nothing quite as pure and healthy to cook with as cook old fashioned cast iron - here's what converted me.