Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Local Growing, Local Eating

By Charlyn Ellis

Growing our own vegetables means a fundamental shift in our eating patterns as we strive to consume only locally grown produce, beans, and grains.

Fresh Produce Storage Tips for Peppers, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and More

By Anna Twitto

Fresh produce is one of the cornerstones of healthy diet, and each season brings its own cornucopia of fruits and vegetables into supermarket aisles, farmers’ markets and, of course, backyard gardens. But how do you make the best of your garden harvest (or even supermarket harvest) to extend its shelf life?

Bread-Baking Equipment and Ingredient Tips for Beginning Bakers

By Wendy Akin

With the necessary basic equipment and best-quality ingredients on hand, you are ready to begin baking beautiful breads of all kinds — from the basic sandwich breads to delicious pastry treats. You can explore a whole world of different breads, all with flavor far superior to any you can find in groceries and at a cost of pennies on the dollar.

Why You Should be Making Stock (with Austrian Dumpling Recipe)

By Hannah Wernet

Make a hearty stock this weekend and always have a delicious soup on hand.


Amount of Salt to Use for Fermentation

By Sandor Katz

Learn how much salt to add to your fermented vegetables for safety and first-rate taste.

Forage Wild Rowan Berries for a Cranberry Substitute (with Swedish Meatball Recipe)

By Marion Gabriela Wick

Here, in Atlantic northern Europe, people are quite familiar with using rowans in recipes one normally would use cranberries in. Rowans are a good replacement. Cranberries need very low soil PH and don’t agree with our Atlantic winters. Cranberry shrubs would lose their buds once they thaw out and re-freeze. Rowan trees are much more tolerant against “yoyo-style temperatures”.

Annie's Salsa Recipe for Canning and Freezing (with Video)

By Judy DeLorenzo

Learn how to make this delicious salsa recipe. It's approved for canning and freezes well, also!

Add Variety and Fun from Garden to Table with 'Yard-Long' Beans

By Carrie Williams Howe

Each year we choose a vegetable for our garden that we have never grown before and will offer fun and variety. This year, we chose the yard-long bean based on its name alone. After a little bit of experimenting in the kitchen, we learned to love its unusual texture and flavor.