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How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Growing a Food Business to Become More Self-Reliant

By Susan Tipton-Fox, The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms/Micro Dairy

We'll give you some ideas on what a food business is and how it could help you become more self-reliant. We'll provide some information on how to find out what your state/county requirements are and how to meet those!

Einkorn: Wheat for the Gluten Sensitive?

By Lindsay Williamson

As an avid baker, I’ve spent years in pursuit of mastering all types of breads, pastries and other savory, comfort foods that include wheat as a major ingredient; so you can imagine how I felt upon realizing that my digestive problems seemed to coincide with consuming products made with commercial wheat flours. Meet Einkorn, the ancient wheat that may offer hope to people with wheat sensitivities, and learn my bread baking recipes using this ancient wheat variety.

Labeling Genetically Modified Food

By Shelley Stonebrook

The 2016 “National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard” sets national guidelines for labeling GM ingredients; however, many believe the guidelines are too obscure.

Homemade Sandwich Bread: Recipes for Potato, Oatmeal, White, and Rye

By Wendy Akin

Save money and warm your kitchen by baking sandwich breads at home with quality ingredients. Try the potato bread recipe, oat bread recipe, healthy white bread, and rye bread.


When Choosing Organic Grocers, Trust MOM

By Kurt Jacobson

When I found out MOM’s Organic Market was opening in White Marsh, I was thrilled. Scott Nash started MOM’s in his mother’s garage at age 22 in 1987 before opening the first store in Rockville, Maryland. He has been making waves in the organic grocery world ever since.

Sweet Potatoes and Shallots to Savor in Winter

By Barbara Damrosch

Planting shallots and growing sweet potatoes from slips is easy, and the two roots pair well in decadent dishes. Try these healthy sweet potato recipes with shallots.

Easy Bread, Fast

By Wendy Akin

Yesterday, I used my last two slices of sandwich bread. With no extra time to bake bread, I went with the easiest bread that needs almost no actual prep time. I stuck with the most basic bread formula. Here’s what I did.

Parmesan-Olive Bread

By Wendy Akin

Recently, I tasted a little sample of a Parmesan bread at an upscale store; it was so bland, I couldn’t taste any parmesan in it. So, I made my own version of the disappointing bread I had sampled. Mine really tastes of the parmesan and has the added flavor interest of the olives. It will be ideal on a cheese platter, perfect for a turkey sandwich, or with any pasta meal.