Wonderful Watermelon Recipes & Tips

| July/August 2007

These may be the dog days of summer, but it's also peak season for mouthwatering watermelons. A chilled slice of this juicy red fruit makes a perfect antidote to days spent under the sweltering sun and nights thick with humidity. While there's nothing quite like a fresh hunk straight from the vine, there are numerous watermelon recipes worth trying ? from sandwiches and salads to salsas and even entrees. For a fun breakfast twist, try your hand at these recipes:

Watermelon Doughnuts ? Easy Breakfast Fun

Courtesy of Watermelon.org

watermelon slices

sour cream

sugar to taste

vanilla to taste

slivered almonds

Cut out doughnut shapes from 1?-inch thick slices of seedless watermelon. Sweeten sour cream with sugar and a touch of vanilla to taste. Frost half of the watermelon doughnut slices and sprinkle with almonds. Add another layer of watermelon slices and top with the sweetened sour cream. Sprinkle toasted slivered almonds and serve. Servings vary.

Benedict Watermelon

Courtesy of Watermelon.org

This recipe makes an incredible presentation and is easy to create. You can also make an elegant brunch tray of slightly smaller versions.

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