Why Growing Food is Better for Your Health

Learn more about the research that has proven homegrown food to be higher in vitamins and nutrients than foods sold at the grocery store.

| March/April 1970

Garden Vegetables

Homegrown foods have been proven to be higher in vitamins and nutrients than foods sold at conventional grocery stores.

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Why do we put so much emphasis on home food production? In the first place, the health of millions of Americans would be far better if every family raised part of the food it eats.

And when we say every family, we really mean every family. No man, no matter who he is, can break the rules of health and escape suffering the consequences. Even the presidents of the United States, we honestly believe, would be healthier individuals if they tended their own gardens and milked a family cow. Let us explain.

There are two basic reasons for raising part of your own food. First, only by so doing can you be perfectly fed. Secondly, physical contact with the good earth and livestock are the best known antidotes to the mad, hustle and bustle of our present work-a-day world.

There are many lesser reasons for owning your own home and raising part of your own food. There is the basic security of this way of life, an opportunity for the productive use of your spare time, cooperation of the family and the greater enjoyment of family life, the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, outdoor exercise, an opportunity to be creative, the independence and responsibility of land ownership, all in addition to the direct economic benefits.

Cultural Vitamin Deficiency

A doctor friend who read our plan for homesteading said, "Ed, you don't make clear in your plan how important living in the country and raising your food is from the health standpoint."

"Well, we meant to — we sure believe that country living can be healthier…" I replied.

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