White Chocolate Raspberry Jam with Coffee Liqueur

| 10/21/2008 2:52:03 PM

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Raspberry Jam
Even though it's October, I'm canning away the last of the summer berries. We've still got raspberries coming in from a local farm and I wanted to do something a little different than the standard raspberry jam recipe. When I spice up a jam it usually includes some interesting addition or flavoring and some sort of liqueur or liquor. Most of the alcohol gets burned off and you are left with a very complex flavor profile. This recipe makes ordinary raspberry jam seem, well, ordinary. Since I've started tinkering around with jam recipes, I really have a hard time going back to the basics. This recipe can also be used as a dessert topping as well if you lower the amount of pectin and keep it a little more liquid.


5 cups raspberries, crushed  (use a potato masher or other implement to crush the berries)
6 cups sugar
1 pack pectin
1 cup white chocolate chips (spring for the Guittard or other gourmet chocolate if it's available in your area)
1/4 cup coffee liqueur (Starbucks or Kahlua)

cooking raspberries

12/19/2015 8:12:50 PM

Well now, since I found your raspberry/white chocolate/kahlua jam recipe this past summer I've made it a couple of times to rave reviews. On the stove this minute is 3 kg of raspberries being made into "Christmas" jam.(Had to buy frozen, oh my! lol) It was such a huge success that when asked what my nieces and nephews wanted for Christmas the most common reply was for "my" raspberry jam. Soooooo thank you thank you thank you Deanna Duke!!

10/24/2008 4:08:38 PM

What could you use if you didn't want to use the commercial pectin?

Deanna Duke_1
10/22/2008 7:16:07 PM

Hi Barbara, I'm referring to powdered pectin (such as Sure Jell) in this recipe. Thanks for asking for the clarification! -Deanna

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