Reader Callout: What's the one thing you make from scratch at Thanksgiving?

Reader Contribution by Staff
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<p>OK, some of you make it <em>all</em> from scratch, right? But others who generally stay away from the oven all year decide to fire it up for that one special something. And the holiday just wouldn’t be the same without it, right? Or maybe you have a great memory of making something from scratch and sharing it with someone else for Thanksgiving. (Are you the guest who always brings the best made-from-scratch take-alongs even when you’ve been told not to bring anything?)</p>
<p>At our house, everyone goes crazy if my dad doesn’t make his famous apple-oyster stuffing with homemade cornbread. Hey Dad, you remembered to put fresh oysters on the grocery list this year, right??? <em>Mother Earth News</em> contributing editor <a title=”Barbara Pleasant” href=”” target=”_blank”>Barbara Pleasant</a> remembers fondly making a pecan pie just for herself even when she was living alone: “and it was wonderful!”</p>
<p>So how about you? Please share your “wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it” and “just gotta make it from scratch” stories, as well as your stories about filling Thanksgiving needs through generosity, by posting them in the <a title=”comments section” href=”” target=”_self”>comments section</a> below.</p>
<p>If your Thanksgiving repertoire could use some new ideas, too, then we’ve got a seat for you at <a title=”our table” href=”” target=”_blank”>our table</a>.</p>
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