Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

You won't miss the meat when you make these three delicious, nourishing, vegetarian sandwich recipes for your next meal, includes recipes for tofu, egg and tomato and cheese sandwiches.

| July/August 1977

Leona Farquhar, former owner of restaurant/natural food store, The Merry Miller.

Leona Farquhar, former owner of restaurant/natural food store, The Merry Miller.

Photo by Leona Farquhar

You don't have to be a vegetarian to love these vegetarian sandwich recipes we "stole" from Leona Farquhar in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Meatless Meals

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The Merry Miller Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

This may come as a surprise to some folks, but we're gonna lay it on ya anyway: Friends, food that's good for you can actually taste good, too!

Why is it that so many "health food" fanciers prepare the kind of dishes that are sure to send any (rightfully wary) potential converts rushing to the nearest hamburger stand? We'll never know, because healthful food can be absolutely scrumptious. And we think the recipes on these pages more than prove that point.

We got them from a woman right here in Hendersonville named Leona Farquhar. Leona runs a restaurant/ natural food store called The Merry Miller . . . a favorite luncheon spot for many MOTHER staffers who like the relaxed atmosphere, the rustic decor, and — not least of all — the delightful fragrance always wafting up from the ole M.M. soup pot.

Leona's a Minnesota-born Finn who came to North Carolina in 1928 and who now considers herself a true Tarheel. She's been an activist in the natural food movement for 25 years and a vegetarian for 19, and she's always willing to dispense sound nutritional advice along with the tasty food she serves up.

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