The Many Uses for Canning Jars

Over the years, my uses for canning jars have multiplied. You can use pint jars and quart jars as convenient storage containers for leftovers, fill the jars with bulk foods, and much more.

| October/November 2013

I use canning jars for a variety of kitchen needs. There’s the traditional role, of course — filled with jams, tomatoes and more. As they’re emptied, the jars then become drinking vessels. Additional emptied canning jars can be used to store dry goods or leftovers. A half-pint jar is great for sauce or a small amount of leftovers, while a half-gallon jar can hold lemonade, sun tea or soup. No more Tupperware containers missing their lids — all of the jars have the same-sized lids (regular or wide-mouth).

For holiday gifts, I fill half-pint jars with dried herbs from the garden and attach attractive labels. My baking cabinet is laden with jars of flour, sugar, chocolate chips and grains for grinding. Narrow-mouth jars make quick vases. I take jars with me to my food co-op to fill with bulk items.

I have grown to appreciate this jar system more and more, as it has eliminated the clutter of storage containers and tops.

Ilene White Freedman
Adamstown, Maryland

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