MOTHER EARTH NEWS Spreads the Word About Unique Apples and Artisan Ciders

| 12/14/2009 10:56:39 AM

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As part of our effort to decorate the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the State Department in Washington, D.C. for the holidays (See Magazine Holiday Design Showcase), MOTHER EARTH NEWS embraced the theme "An Extravaganza of Apples." We coordinated with orchards and cideries around the country to showcase America's most beloved apple varieties and hard ciders.

Unique Apples

More than 50 apple varieties will be on display in the historic Adams Reception Room in the State Department’s Harry S. Truman Building during the month of December, and will be seen by hundreds of guests, including foreign leaders and dignitaries, diplomats, senators and congressmen. Besides being delicious and deliciously fragrant, each apple variety brings with it a unique history (learn more below).

Heirloom Apple Donors


Artisan Ciders

When the State Department unveiled the gorgeous rooms in all their holiday splendor at its Dec. 7 reception, hundreds of dignified guests were delighted to taste handcrafted artisanal hard ciders from all over the country. I was blown away by the exquisitely complex and balanced flavors the cidermakers have achieved by selecting the best locally adapted apple varieties from their regions. Plus, it's a hoot to see so many conscientious artisans preserving the legacy of rare heirloom foods for generations of cider drinkers to come.

The State Department's chef, Jason Larkin, was so pleased with the cider offering that he hopes to make it a holiday tradition at the State Department. "It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to serve such a wide variety of handcrafted apple ciders. It is our continued goal at the Department of State to showcase American artisanal food products to our distinguished guests. The President’s Guest House was a fitting venue from which to serve them. I consider it a priority to ensure that local food producers get the recognition that they deserve and am excited that there is an increased appreciation for these products. Every cider was truly unique and reflective of not only the apple varieties and techniques used but also the personality of the individuals making them," Larkin said. 

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