Uncommon Choices in Berries

| 4/10/2018 9:38:00 AM

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Would you like to add a variety of new flavors to your berry patch? With so many amazing options available, that aren’t your typical berry, why not add a few new varieties? Let’s add some well-deserved change to those jams, jellies, pies, cobblers, and fruit salads. Weather derived from hybrid combinations or simply long forgotten species the choices appear almost endless.


A gorgeous Dewberry plant

Dewberry Photo by Bob Mullica

These sweet delicious berries can be eaten raw or baked into cobblers and pies or made into amazing jams and jellies. A low growing perennial armed with an abundant number of juicy berries, similar in taste to blackberries, yet larger in size and milder in flavor. They grow upon a vine rather than a bush preferring a full sun location in zones 6-9.


A zesty little berry that will simply melt in your mouth. They can be eaten fresh from the bush or substituted in a favorite blueberry recipe. Extremely hardy by nature enduring temperatures to -40F. Two different varieties are required for proper pollination. Honeyberries prefer partial to full sun located in zones 2-9.


A unique delightfully flavored berry deriving from loganberries and blackberries. The fruit is sweet, large, and amazingly aromatic. Want to add an amazing twist on your homemade wine? This is the berry for you! Tayberries also make wonderful jams, jellies, and pies. Harvest time falls between July and mid-August, zones 5-8.

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