The Beauty of Imperfect Fruits and Vegetables

| 6/24/2016 8:45:00 AM

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Throughout my 40 years of cooking experience, I have been confronted with an assortment of imperfect produce. Over the last few years, since growing many of my own fruits and veggies, I have a clearer vision of what is afoot in the produce world.

Grocery stores hawk fruits and veggies that have to look perfect to sell to discerning customers. The problem is in agreeing on what is perfect.

Consider the modern tomato: It has been bred to look perfect and taste nothing like a real tomato should. Please don’t blame it on the poor little tomatoes who have to bear untold hardships in days or weeks of transit before they present themselves to you at your local grocery. But what is the cost of this perfection?

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are commonly used to produce such perfect produce. The nutritional value is probably not what you would hope to get from a “real” tomato. And last but not least most grocery store tomatoes taste like nothing!

canning tomatoes

Canning tomatoes in my kitchen

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