Testing the Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit

| 11/8/2017 10:22:00 AM

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DIY Cheese Kit

The Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit for Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese comes with cheese salt, citric acid, a cheese thermometer, fine cheese cloth, two rennet tablets, and step-by-step instructions.
Photo by Kyra Haas

My one-hour cheese-making journey began with apprehension. While I’ve consumed a ridiculous amount of cheese in my life, I’ve never dared to play god and attempt to make my own. I was certain the expertise required to craft something so delicious was far beyond me.

Fortunately for my taste buds — and unfortunately for my waistline — making mozzarella with the Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit was simple and the result was quite tasty. My younger brother said the final product tasted “like a really good cheese stick.” As a novice cheesemaker, I took this as a glowing compliment.

To get started, I let my water sit out and dechlorinate for 24 hours, grabbed a gallon of unpasteurized whole milk from the store, and read the recipe through twice, paying special attention to the temperature specifications. Temperature-sensitive recipes always make me nervous because if the instructions say “Don’t exceed 115 degrees [Fahrenheit]” and you exceed 115 degrees, then there’s no going back.

milk and citric acid

One gallon of unpasteurized whole milk and diluted citric acid are first in the pot for the DIY mozzarella.
Photo by Kyra Haas

I had no problem prepping the 1/4 of a rennet tablet and citric acid, and after dissolving the specified amounts into separate small bowls of water, I poured my milk and diluted citric acid into a big pan and got ready to coagulate.

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