Learn New Skills, Reclaim Your Kitchen: 3 Technique-Based Cookbooks Reviewed

| 10/12/2011 11:53:44 AM

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These three super cookbooks focused on technique will arm you with the most important ingredient in any dish: skill!

Forgotten Skills of CookingForgotten Skills of Cooking: The Time-Honored Ways Are The Best — Over 700 Recipes Show You Why by Darina Allen

If you’re serious about eating more locally grown food, you may need to learn some “new” skills. Darina Allen’s Forgotten Skills of Cooking will help you do just that.

Allen is the director of Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland, as well as the founder of the first modern-day farmers markets in Ireland, and she continues to promote local produce.

“During the 25 years I’ve been running the school, I’ve noticed an alarming loss of skills,” Allen writes in this encyclopedic volume. In chapters ranging from food foraging to handy household tips — with stops along the way for cooking beef, fish, poultry, fruits and veggies — Allen offers no-nonsense advice and a common-sensical approach to feeding ourselves.

Here she is on the topic of “dripping on toast,” a traditional United Kingdom treat using the fat and juices from a roast: “For many young people, the idea of eating dripping is simply gross. Well, don’t knock it unless you try it. Bread and dripping has nourished many a hungry lad.” 

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