Sustainable-Skills School Target of Misguided Animal Rights Campaign

| 11/29/2016 9:28:00 AM

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Wild Abundance, a woman-led school committed to teaching skills for sustainable living in Barnardsville, N.C., is facing a fierce campaign of harassment from a national misguided animal rights organization.

Misunderstanding of Traditional Skills Leads to Controversy

The national organization responsible for the attacks, One Protest, whose campaigns usually focus on exotic trophy hunting and farming industry animal abuse, has organized a movement against this small, rural school because of a class in which a single sheep will be harvested, for educational purposes and as part of a weekend intensive focusing on meat preservation for small-scale family farms.

One Protest, and its affiliate, the Let Live Coalition, are a troubling example of how a large national organization can pull together lots of resources to mislead the public in an attempt to “make an example” out of a small-scale, local educational business that empowers participants with the hands-on experience to live self-sufficiently.

Natalie Bogwalker, the mother of a 3 week-old infant, director of the Firefly Gathering, and director of Wild Abundance, a school near Asheville NC that teaches  Permaculture Design Courses, and classes on Homesteading, Natural Building, Women’s Carpentry, and Organic Gardening, began receiving a flood of emails and phone calls at all hours demanding that she cancel an upcoming class on ethical butchering. The aggressive vegan activists are waging “a multi-pronged outreach and protest campaign” to “make an example” of Wild Abundance. Some of the calls have even been threatening.

Humane Slaughter of Livestock Attacked

During the class, Cycles of Life: Humane Slaughter and Butchering, which ran November 19-20, 2016, adult students learned how to take responsibility for their choice to eat meat, putting it in the context of cultivating a healthy and spiritual relationship with their food, as their ancestors have done for thousands of years. Wild Abundance appreciates and accommodates vegetarians and vegans, who make up 15-30% of class participants.

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