Stew, Hamburgers, and a silly Xmas season contest

| 12/14/2011 10:45:16 AM

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For the Best Stew… 

If you like stew, don’t buy “stew meat." Upside the head. No no no.  

Instead, look for your favorite pot roast cut and buy a piece larger than you’ll need for your roast. Part of this will become your pot roast; the other part you then slice into chunks for stew meat. Not only will it taste much better than that mystery “stew meat” in the store;  it’ll also be much less expensive. 

Burger Treat 

 Start with two (as in, 2) hamburger patties. Place a few slivers of dill pickle on one patty with a few slices of Vermont Cabot cheddar cheese. Put the remaining patty on top — making the whole thing into a burger “sandwich." Flute the edges with a fork or butter knife like a pie crust (to keep all that goodness inside). Grill with your favorite burger seasoning. 

MMMM – my favorite burger recipe. 

Joan Smith
9/24/2012 12:57:47 PM

yea i am really

Joan Smith
9/24/2012 12:57:27 PM

ribeye bone in, shoulder roast bone-in, leg of lamb..

Jim Fawcett
12/31/2011 3:15:24 PM

Flank steak, tenderloin and leg of lamb

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