Spiced Cranberry Orange Pecan Bundt Cake

| 11/25/2017 8:41:00 PM

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Sugar Dusted Bundt Cake

Every so often, a book crosses my path that is so beautiful, I have to have it. This is one of them. I had not worked from a cookbook for a while, but Beautiful Bundts: 100 Recipes for Delicious Cakes and More by Julie Anne Hession (Robert Rose Inc., 2017) has some gorgeous photos, taken by the author herself. Usually a photographer is brought in to do the photos, but in this case, she learned how to do it herself, and the results are stunning.

Then there are the cakes. Picking one was hard. I have started with Spiced Cranberry Orange Pecan Bundt — perfect for the holiday season. It has all the flavours of Thanksgiving or Christmas: cinnamon, tart cranberries, nuts, citrus, topped off with the wonderful texture that only sour cream can impart. Oh, and a layer of sugared nuts in the middle and on top. Sublime.

The sweetness in the cake is played off of the tart cranberries. It’s almost, but not quite, like a pound cake. For Christmas, I will also do the Spiced Citrus Fruitcake Bundt (all fruitcakes jokes aside). Speaking of fruitcakes, I found a couple from last year that were put aside for safe keeping. They’re delicious!

As for the Bundt cakes themselves, the variety of pans out there is amazing. Pick a shape you like, grease it well with a cooking spray, preferably with flour in it. Make sure you get all the nooks and crannies. Just make sure in this case it is a 10-cupper.

Spiced Cranberry Orange Pecan Bundt Cake

Makes 10-12 servings

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