Spelt Sourdough Bun Recipe

| 2/11/2014 11:39:00 AM

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Spelt Sourdough BunsSourdough has been in my family forever. My mom always had a mason jar of it in the back of the fridge that she restored and fed every time we wanted her special pancakes. Family legend has it that my mom was given her sourdough starter from a group of tough cowgirls on a working ranch in high plains Eastern Oregon.  These women were the wives of equally tough cowboys, one of whom was my dad, that drove cattle in harsh conditions, often away from the ranch.  Sourdough was a staple.  And while my mother was never a cowgirl, she did keep the sourdough.

It was only as an adult that I learned to bake bread with sourdough starter. It can be a difficult to get a good rise with sourdough bread. After baking many heavy, flat loaves of sourdough, I finally found the knack. To work properly, sourdough starter needs to be fed quite often, particularly the week preceeding baking bread. So get out your starter, feed it some flour and water every few days, and when it's nice and bubbly, you're sourdough starter is ready to go.

If you need to make a new sourdough starter, check out the Kitchen Sink Sourdough Recipe on my blog at One tomato, two tomato.

Here is my recipe for Spelt Sourdough Bread Buns, which is perfect for hamburgers buns or dinner rolls. Plan ahead because you need to start them the night before. I love the earthy nuttiness of heirloom spelt flour in these rolls. They are toothsome and dense without being to heavy.  Sourdough bread likes to take it’s own sweet time, but the flavor is well worth it!

Spelt Sourdough Bun Recipe

Spelt Sourdough Dough

By Tammy Kimbler

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