Seven Springs Speaker Spotlight: Anh Thu Hoang, Raw Chef

| 9/20/2011 2:38:50 PM

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Get to know Anh Thu Hoang of Joy Bliss Raw. 

What are you going to speak about at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR? 

Anh Thu HoangI will demonstrate how to make two easy, healthy and delicious recipes. For most people starting out on raw foods, these two will be good to know and learn: green smoothies and a quick 5-minute chocolate cake. I will also share some basic raw advice for those who want to adopt a healthier (raw) lifestyle.

What are you most looking forward to sharing with FAIR attendees? 

I think many people have misconceptions about raw food and what it is like to be raw. There is certainly a lot of information out there about what’s good and bad for you. We are bombarded with information - some of it contradictory - every day, so it can be quite confusing for people who want to change their eating habits. Everyone has to make their own choice and commit to them to become healthier. I think I can talk about healthy options without too much technical jargon so people can actually start to make small changes in their daily lives.

Tell us about your background with your particular topic. 

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