Seasoning and Maintaining Your Cast-Iron Skillet

| 1/26/2016 11:58:00 AM

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cast iron skillet

Home cooks and chefs alike rave about using cast iron in the kitchen. The sturdy, durable skillets are an ideal way to cook a wide variety of meals. A skillet in the kitchen will quickly become integral to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why is cast iron so desirable? It is naturally non-stick when seasoned correctly, it can withstand even the hottest oven temperatures, it's durable, and much more. Cast iron can be used in an oven with temperatures up to 500 degrees, making it a great way to cook casseroles and roasts. This also means you can use the skillet as a stove-top grill or do any kind of frying. The iron of the skillet not only will get burning hot, ideal for searing, but it will maintain that heat throughout the cooking process and distribute the warmth evenly across the pan.

A versatile dish, cast iron can fry eggs or toast, cook a steak, or sear up a stir fry. You can often find quality cast iron at a yard sale or antique shop, and because of it's sturdy material it will last you a lifetime.

Not only does cooking with cast iron have all of the above benefits, but it is also going to save you from buying soap. Cast iron is seasoned with oil, so using soap can actually be detrimental to the skillet. While it is a myth that using soap on your cast iron will ruin the pan, it is both easy and efficient to clean your cast iron without soap.

Before you start cleaning or cooking in your skillet, you need to make sure it is properly seasoned. Most new cast iron will come seasoned, but many older pans will need some love before being put in your kitchen and even seasoning new pans is recommended

2/29/2016 11:41:45 AM

Both my grandmother and mother never heard of flax oil yet their cast iron was perfectly seasoned. They used either bacon drippings or pure lard. I continue their traditional method of seasoning on our cast iron and have never had a problem.

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