Favorite Ways to Cook Apples

Our Facebook fans share their favorite ways to cook apples, along with some MOTHER EARTH NEWS tested recipes!

| February 2014

An apple all by its lonesome is a fine food indeed, but we want to hear your ideas for broadening the apple's culinary range. Soups, salads, sauces, breads, butters — just how far can one fruit go?

We asked our Facebook fans for their favorite ways to cook apples, and the responses delighted us! Read some for yourself, but don’t blame us when your stomach begins to growl. And when you’re done, check out these recipes for Chicken-Apply Curry, Apple-Sweet Potato Bake, and more!

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Jen n'Ken Wolfe-Decker Our local orchard sells "seconds" and I make everything apple all fall. Apple caramel cheesecake, apple slices on peanut butter toast, or thinly sliced on a grilled cheese…yum! Love 'em.

Tricia N Ron We recently started slicing them & dehydrating them in our food dehydrator. Apple chips, yum!

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