Seafood Recipes: Fish Chowder, Stuffed Quahags and Clambakes

Here's how to prepare fish chowder, quahog chowder, stuffed quahogs, filets and clambake.

| November/December 1972

Start with a nice, fat haddock. Hold the beggar by the tail and scrape forward, with the knifeblade at a right angle to the surface. The scales should come off easily.

Slit the belly from gills to vent with a shallow cut that will open the cavity but not cut the organs. The viscera should come out in a simple whole. Wash out the cavity with special attention around the backbone.

Cut off the head, just behind the fin. Cut off the tail. Cut away the fins and spines with a v-cut. For fish-cleaning, you'd better have a knife as sharp as a samurai's ceremonial sword.

Cut away the filets from the top by letting the knife rum down the backbone, lifting the filet away. Cut carefully around the spike and then along the ribs.

To skin, start at the tail, carefully separating about an inch of skin from flesh. Angle the blade slightly down, hold the skin (on underside), near the blade and use a sawing motion to run along the skin.

A Recipe for Fish Chowder

Break up the backbone and throw fish in a pot with the head and tail. Cover with water and bring to a boil, simmer for 20 minutes. Peel and chop 6-10 cups of potatoes in half-thumb-size pieces.

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